Rahul Dravid analyzes India’s semi-final loss at T20 World Cup

ICC T20i World Cup Dravid

India’s T20 World Cup 2022 campaign came to an end with a disappointing loss to England. Despite the fact that Rahul Dravid, India’s head coach, acknowledges that England were the superior team, he does not believe that India’s performance was a ‘debacle.’

India was eliminated from the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 after losing to Australia in the semi-final by a score of 10 wickets to 0. India was led by Rohit Sharma. Dravid admitted that the result was a “disappointment” for the Rohit Sharma-led unit.

Dravid emphasized the importance of India’s lackluster performance with the ball as a primary reason for England’s victory. During the Powerplay overs, England pounded out runs to eat a significant portion of the target and ease the pressure on the rest of the run chase.

Dravid cited this as a primary reason for England’s victory

During the post-game press conference, Dravid provided his explanation by stating, “We tried to attack a little bit with our lengths up front.”

“We interpreted that to be a strategy. They did a fantastic job playing that.

“Probably not as much as it has in other Australian states or under other circumstances, the ball didn’t swing here. played into their hands a little bit, and with class players like Buttler and Hales, I thought their partnership today was fantastic.

“I think they just put pressure on us and never let that go, and even when our spinners came on on a wicket that we thought we might be able to control the game, they really counterattacked our spinners, too, and put our spinners under a lot of pressure,” the author said.

The opening partnership of Jos Buttler and Alex Hales, which was unbeaten and scored 170 runs, is the highest for any wicket in the T20 World Cup. As a result of the merciless performance from the pair, England was able to win with ease in just 16 overs.


On this Adelaide pitch, though, the target may have never been too high for England to really achieve, and Dravid acknowledged that India fell quite a few runs short with the bat.

“Despite the weather and the conditions, we were one of the teams who consistently scored 180 or more points. During the course of this competition, I believe we attempted it two or three times. Consequently, our play was quite good.

“They bowled really well, and I thought they were really good up front, but I think the boys were saying it was a little bit tacky and it was a little bit slower when the game started.

“They certainly hit their targets and didn’t let us get away. We thought we were 15, 20 overs short at that point, and the last five overs were really strong.

“I think Hardik was absolutely brilliant out there, but in the end it looked like we were much shorter than even 15, 20, but I think we should have been able to get to 180, 185 on that wicket. Maybe things might have been different with an early wicket after that,” said the captain.

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