Victor Wembanyama will be Team USA’s worst nightmare in FIBA World Cup

FIBA World Cup Victor Wembanyama

Consider the possibility that during the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, France’s starting frontcourt could consist of Victor Wembanyama, Rudy Gobert, and Joel Embiid. That is unfavorable information for all of their competitors, including Team USA in this case.

Even if Team USA sends their very best frontline players to the World Cup next year, it will be difficult for them to compete if French head coach Vincent Collet decides to call up those three giants to man the paint for France in the competition.

Remember that in this fast-paced and open era of basketball, the majority of Team USA’s depth is concentrated in the backcourt and on the wing positions. Assuming that all of their best players see game time, they will still have an elite frontline, but it is unlikely that it will be better than the one that France will field.

You may recall that Myles Turner, Mason Plumlee, and Brook Lopez bannered the frontcourt for Team USA at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in their native country of the United States of America. It was necessary for their often battered, bruised, and underwhelming bigs for Harrison Barnes, Jayson Tatum, and even Khris Middleton to play out of position at times. This was done so they could complement their bigs.

However, the United States of America will have the ability to attract bigger and better players to the FIBA Basketball World Cup in the following year. In this conversation, we will be discussing Jarrett Allen, Bam Adebayo, Christian Wood, and Robert Williams III. Even Chet Holmgren, assuming he makes a full recovery from the Lisfranc injury he sustained. Those are, without a doubt, the best centers currently playing in the NBA for the United States. Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Miles Bridges, Julius Randle, and possibly even younger players like Wendell Carter Jr. or Evan Mobley are all possibilities for Team USA to consider if they want to play power forwards in the center position.

None of those other guys, with the possible exception of KD and AD, are MVP-caliber players on par with Embiid. Perhaps Allen and Adebayo will be able to challenge Gobert for the position of DPOY.

Perhaps Holmgren will follow a path in his career similar to that of Victor Wembanyama

Even if all of Team USA’s best bigs participate in the game, it is highly likely that they will still be at a huge disadvantage. This is especially true considering the fact that Victor Wembanyama’s versatility will compliment both Embiid’s offensive game and Gobert’s defensive game.

Naturally, this is only applicable to the World Cup in 2018. Victor Wembanyama is still young enough to compete in at least four more Olympics and four more World Cups at the age of just 18. He has a number of chances to lead France and possibly beat Team USA.

He really came extremely close to pulling it off at the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup in Riga, Latvia, the year before. With averages of 14.0 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 5.7 blocks per game, Victor Wembanyama led Les Bleus in that competition.


He excelled against Team USA in the gold medal match. Victor Wembanyama wowed Holmgren with 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 blocks. He also made all nine of his free throw attempts.

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