Why Rohit Sharma’s side struggled on T20 World Cup

ICC T20i World Cup rohit sharma

In the semi-final match of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, India was defeated by England by ten wickets, which has left them in a state of shock.

Big games of Twenty20 international cricket often hinge on the brilliance of a single player, and the two best performances of the semi-final came from England’s openers. England’s openers were also the team that advanced to the final.

If two batters of Jos Buttler and Alex Hales’ caliber get going at the plate at the same time, it will be difficult for any team to stop them.

However, India shouldn’t let the fact that their record is still standing prevent them from considering how their own performance contributed to the nature of the loss.

India makes an untimely bat error

In the semi-final of the World Cup, a score of 168/6 is considered to be competitive. But it’s not a fantastic one, especially not at the Adelaide Oval, which has a strong batting surface, and against England, which has a lot of firepower.

Even though power-hitter Hardik Pandya produced fireworks with a brilliant 63 from 33 balls at the death, the total was still only 168, which suggests that there was a problem with intent. Pandya’s score was brilliant, but it came at the end of the game.

It is debatable as to whether this issue is due to poor performance on the given day or to errors in selection that have been going on for a long time.

Damage is done when powerplay stutters

The two teams’ opposing Powerplays provided the most striking example of the game’s contrasting styles, since the goals of each could not have been more distinct.

The early departure of KL Rahul for five was a blow to India’s chances, but even so, they managed to score at a rate of only slightly more than one run per ball despite the fielding restrictions that were in place. Neither Virat Kohli nor Rohit Sharma found their rhythm, and the team was reduced to 38/1 after six overs.

It is acceptable, and perhaps even a smart strategy in such a significant game, to have one anchor ranked among the top three. The fact that England still had two wickets to defend gave their bowling attack some much-needed confidence.

The openers for England took a completely different approach to the situation, attacking right from the start to put their team ahead of the game and scoring at a rate of more than ten runs per over throughout the Powerplay.


The fresh ball didn’t penetrate at all

India got into a tough spot as a result of their difficulties with the bat.

Despite this, the total was high enough that even a few early breakthroughs would have put England under a significant amount of pressure.

However, those breakthroughs did not occur, and the captain primarily blamed a lack of execution from the bowlers for the team’s poor performance.

“The way in which we began with the ball was not the best possible way. We had a touch of the nerves. Today, when Bhuvi was bowling the first over, the ball swung, but not from the appropriate locations.

“Because we were aware that the square of the wicket was a potential scoring area, we wanted to keep it tight and not give them any breathing room. Today’s runs came from that area.

“We’ll take it if we can maintain control while the batting team continues to score runs. On the other hand, we did not do that today.”

The noticeable absence of a strike bowler

Plan A for India during the tournament has been to take wickets in the powerplay through the movement of Arshdeep Singh and Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Plan B involves using spin and bowling into the pitch to soak up the middle overs and then executing plans at the death.

It’s a good strategy, and it’s eerily similar to the one that England used when they played us in the semi-finals. On the other hand, if early wickets aren’t taken, either attack might appear to lack a certain amount of bite.

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